Print Advertising Specs

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• Design Format Suggestions: Large photo, full bleed or framed with background. A few smaller inset photos can be used to supplement the larger photo. Not too much text. Please keep it clean.

• Resolution: 300dpi (high resolution)

• Color Mode: CMYK, U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 • Fonts: BUSINESS NAME – Bodoni Reg (serif font) CONTACT INFORMATION – Kabel Reg (san serif font)

• Proofs: If an accurate color proof is not provided, DFC cannot be held responsible for variances. A SWOP color proof can be ordered at advertiser’s expense if color reproduction is a concern.

File Preparation: Please submit a Layered PDF ad file. SAVE AD WITH BLEEDS. No printers marks or color bars.

• Ad Submission: Send to [email protected] Contact us for upload information if file too large.

• Design Services: Mary Rogers of Sunset Design can prepare your ad for a fee. You will receive a bill from Mary for her design services. Price is dependent on ad complexity and design time.

• Online Ads: Please provide online ad in the trim size as noted in chart. If more than one web link is needed in the ad, please set in Adobe Acrobat Pro, if able. Open the document in Acrobat Pro, navigate to tools>content>links and highlight the area that you want to link to.

QUESTIONS? Contact Mary Rogers at 970.484.2517 / [email protected]